Regenerative cells are ready for autologous application after only one hour of in-house processing.


InGeneron Equine offers a portfolio of products for the preparation, characterization and administration of adipose-derived regenerative cells. Our product line focuses on point-of-use, providing for preparation and administration of cells within a single procedure whether in the clinic or in the field.

ARC™ Tissue Processing Unit

InGeneron’s ARC™ Tissue Processing Unit is designed for point-of-care rapid isolation of regenerative cells in veterinary applications.

MatraseMatrase™ Enzyme Blend

InGeneron’s proprietary Matrase™ Enzyme Blend gently releases stem cells and other regenerative cells from fat. The product is manufactured under contract by a major biopharmaceutical company under current Good Manufacturing Processes (cGMP) and tested by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC).


ARC™ Lipoaspirate Processing Kit

InGeneron’s ARC™ Lipoaspirate Processing Kit is designed to gently extract the regenerative cells from previously adipose tissue using the ARC™ Tissue Processing Unit.

LCK-15 KitLipoaspiration Collection Kit (LCK-15)

The Lipoaspiration Collection Kit (LCK) contains all of the sterile disposables needed for a single lipoaspiration procedure, including sterile drape, tissue collection cannula and items for tumescent introduction.



InGeneron’s ARC™ PRP Kit allows veterinarians to harness the regenerative properties of platelet rich plasma (PRP) using the ARC™ Tissue Processing Unit.